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Client Profiles

Ruth, one of our clients, hadn’t seen the coast for over 30 years, and wanted to see it again before she died.  From this off-the-cuff statement, a day out at the Gold Coast was organised.  A special morning tea was arranged at Budd’s Beach, followed by a drive to Burleigh, where Ruth and another client had a swim in the sea.  Although the waves were very rough, Ruth managed about 15 minutes in the water, and was assisted out by Terry.  Back on dry land Ruth was very tired but her face was a picture of happiness and elation - making the whole day worthwhile.  At the time she felt that she was able to die happy as she had achieved her dream, but fortunately, Ruth continues on with life and still has an active association with Balmoral Uniting Community Centre.


In 2004 Sue moved from country Queensland and took up residence with her sister in Brisbane, but found it hard to socialise in the new environment and difficult to adjust to her new home. So Sue’s sister contacted the Centre for advice, and soon after Sue started attending our programs and has been with us ever since. After just 12 months at the Centre Sue told us that she had been able to cease taking her medication, thanks to the care and support shown by the Centre.


David’s autism and intellectual disability meant it took some time for his relationship with the rest of the group to develop. However, over the two year period he’s been attending the Centre we’ve noticed some significant changes in David and his acceptance of the other clients and volunteers. The turn around in David can be contributed to the input and involvement from the staff and volunteers of the program; David’s carer tells us he now wants to have his bag packed on the day before his group meets so that he doesn’t miss out!

Staff Profiles
Manager - Terry Wahry

Always ready with a hug or a smile Terry is responsible for the overall running of the Community Centre.  His 27 years as a bank manager has certainly prepared him for the task of keeping all those clients, staff, and volunteers happy!  Hence the emphasis on hugs.  Terry first became part of Balmoral Uniting Community Centre 10 years ago as Transport Coordinator, already with more then ten years experience working with frail people and younger people with disabilities – just the kind of guy you want looking out for you.

Volunteer Coordinator - Ella Giuffrida

Ella was a volunteer with BUCC for four years and brings that vast knowledge of volunteers and clients into her current role as the Volunteer Coordinator. Ella's warm personality and vivacious sense of humor is a welcome addition to the BUCC team and one that will enable a rich and rewarding experience for both volunteers and clients in the years to come. 

Community Services Workers - Rhonda Jackson and Beryl Moimoi

Rhonda and Beryl use their years of experience and understanding of individuals with diverse needs to coordinate the many small social groups that populate Balmoral Uniting Community Centre’s programs.

Physiotherapist - Nicky Atkinson:

She’ll set you straight.

foot (Custom).jpg
Podiatry – Sandra Heard:

Will make yours into happy feet!

Admin Assistants - Robyn & Val

Robyn and Val share the role of BUCC admin and with their long history of involvement in the community centre draw upon their wealth of experience to facilitate the needs of clients and staff in this dynamic role. 

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