Welcome to the Balmoral Uniting Community Centre

Linking people with the community

Established by members of the Balmoral Uniting Church Parish in 1978 as a drop-in centre for the local community, the Balmoral Uniting Community Centre (BUCC) has evolved into an extensive network of community care services run by Wesley Mission Queensland and Morningside Uniting Church.

Operating in Brisbane's south-eastern suburbs, Balmoral Uniting Community Centre runs a Community Playgroup, and offers personal support for approximately 170 individuals who find themselves at the margins of their community.

Working with elderly, frail, disabled, or disadvantaged individuals, the Balmoral Uniting Community Centre aims to develop friendships without dependency, reducing the social isolation experienced by our clients by giving them the opportunity to contribute to an environment of fun and companionship.


A Documentary on the Balmoral Uniting Community Centre

The Balmoral Uniting Community Centre has received multiple awards for its outstanding service and continued role in representing the needs of the local community.

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