Who is Eligible

The Balmoral Uniting Community Centre is funded mainly by the Home and Community Care (HACC) program.  The aim of Home and Community Care is to help frail elderly people and those with disabilities live independently in their own homes and to participate in their community.

Are we the right service for you?

While the Balmoral Uniting Community Centre may meet your needs at the moment, this may not always be the case, and will depend on funding constraints, Home and Community Care requirements, and your changing personal needs.  The number of groups which clients can join is also limited as we need to be able to offer our services to anyone who is eligible.  If you are interested in joining further Balmoral Uniting Community Centre groups this will need to be discussed with the Home and Community Care Coordinator.

We may be able to offer you alternate activities which are available, or at some time in the future, we can offer you that or another activity again. If you decide to refuse an offered activity, this will not affect your future access to services.

Assessment for eligibility

The assessment for eligibility is usually completed over the telephone by the Home and Community Care Coordinator after a referral to the centre by a GP, Health Care Worker, or any other concerned person.

If our service to you is reduced, ceased, or changed in any way you will be informed by the Home and Community Care Coordinator with a full explanation.

It is the policy of the centre to take non-Home and Community Care clients into some groups, depending on their needs and current situations.  This will be at the discretion of the Home and Community Care Coordinator and Centre Manager.  If numbers are limited, Home and Community Care clients will be given priority.

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