Rights and Responsibilities

Volunteers have many rights and responsibilities in their roles at the Balmoral Uniting Community Centre. Some of these rights and responsibilities are:


  • To be given jobs that are worthwhile or challenging, and in accordance with individual interests, skills, wishes, circumstances and needs
  • To have a clear job description of what to do, and guidance where appropriate and as required
  • To have support and respect from the organisation, program coordinator/team leader and other paid and volunteer staff
  • To be part of a team and have the opportunity to be heard by someone in authority
  • To complain and not feel exploited
  • To be trained to do the job well
  • To be trusted with confidential information
  • To know whom you are accountable to and have clearly defined channels of open communication
  • To be able to say 'No' to any unacceptable tasks
  • To ask for a new assignment when ready to move on
  • To be covered by appropriate and adequate insurance, and to work in a safe environment
  • To know the organisation and it’s policies, procedures and activities
  • To receive both formal and informal recognition of service
  • To use an advocate of your choice
  • To have opportunities to meet and share with other volunteers
  • To receive information on organisational policies, procedures, agreements and appropriate legislation and guidelines
  • To withdraw from a role or resign a position, giving adequate notice


  • The health and safety of yourself and others
  • Reporting work related accidents/injuries or unsafe working conditions
  • Working within the parameters of the role as outlined in the role description and as arranged with the program coordinator/team leader
  • Notifying the organisation if unable to undertake duties
  • Willingness to undertake initial and ongoing education and training
  • Reliability to work as a team member; to accept guidance, supervision and direction
  • Accepting and respecting individual differences
  • Observing policy on confidentiality
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