Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of the Centre is that of Christian outreach, and working with the community to provide care and support for people who need assistance. It is a philosophy of caring, understanding and treating each person as an individual worthy of respect without regard to age, race, colour or religion.  The Balmoral Uniting Community Centre Staff and Volunteers work compassionately to give to people in need an awareness that someone cares, and that such caring provides comfort, support and hope for the future.

Our philosophy is put into action in the following ways:

Centre Staff and Volunteers have an empathy with all people: for those who are in good health and those who are troubled, sick, frail, or who have a disability.

Centre Staff and Volunteers will always work in a way that respects the individual’s dignity and hope.

The Centre is an integral part of the Community providing a drop-in centre for people who want information, support, and company, and also for people who seek to have more involvement in community activities.

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